In order to activate your license keys (formerly called activation codes), you must provide your Contact Information and License Information for each server you are activating. After you have submitted this information, activation keys will be sent to the email address you provide.

* Required Information

Contact Information






License Information

If your Server Information is not pre-populated below from the Edit Server Properties page in the Carbonite Replication Console, you will need to manually enter the server information or upload your license inventory to provide server information for one or more servers that require activation.

Server Information

From the Carbonite Replication Console Manage Servers page, double-click a server and click the Edit Server Properties link. Enter the server information displayed in the Licensing section into the field below along with the server name.

Server Name
Server Information Text

License Inventory
  1. From the Carbonite Replication Console, click Manage License Inventory in the toolbar.
  2. On the Manage License Inventory page, click Export Licenses from the lower toolbar.
  3. Save that file and then upload it below using the Browse button.